of love and loss

and so i’m actually sitting here actually working. well, not right at the moment, but i certainly have been. what else was there to do but come here and work after i failed miserably at my attempts to get the DSL router going at home, “no internet”. hopefully it’s just a little late, rather than wrong. wrong would be bad. and as if this wasn’t enough, there is a charge in progress in my checking account which looks suspiciously like the amount that telocity charged me around this time of the month.

so i sit here asking myself, how could things have gone so wrong? i keep thinking of the good old days, when i first hooked up that multiple computer support and felt the sweet thrill of fast access surging up every wire. it was there for me, everywhere, always ready, i adored that broadband. i talked baby talk to that broadband. what we had was wonderful, that is up until the time it left me and took my debit card number with it. bastard. apparently all those nights we spent together meant nothing at all. i was a fool to ever love and trust telocity. *sniff*

and now, here i am committed to a questionable new relationship. suspicious and bitter, i find myself constantly comparing it unfavorably to the glory days of my first love. and it even wants us to use the same modem, doesn’t that seem wrong?

i need to go home and spend some time trying to work these things out, it’s hard to focus on work with my home life in such a mess, the cds and instructions and wires strewn here and there betwen the many unhappy lonely boxes which sit sadly blinking their tiny lights, signaling their connection errors to an empty room.

screw it, i’m leaving early.

update: it wasn’t my telocity! it’s the new guys, i’m supposed to get a free month and they charged me. fuck i miss telocity.

9 thoughts on “of love and loss

  1. “the many unhappy lonely boxes which sit sadly blinking their tiny lights, signaling their connection errors to an empty room.”

    It’s a damn shame there aren’t any major magazine players in the internet world any longer; that’s worthy of a submission to the poetry department.

  2. well, i’ve configured the router and checked every possible thing there is to check, every box agrees that there is a LAN and that said LAN is up and running, pings and things of that nature have been exchanged, so the lack of DSL is really an actual lack of actual DSL. according to tech support, the definition of “today” means “anytime before 9PM”.

    so, they have three more hours to be on time, after which point they’ll be late, and that’s all i know.

  3. we’re pretty sure the grey works, (“pretty sure” being a highly technical term you know, meaning, “we have no clue, but tech support is all about the optimism”), and it’s driving me absolutely insane not to unplug the regular modem every five minutes. are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?

  4. i have become despondent. nine has come and gone and there is no DSL. i can navigate across the network and the DSL modem lights are on and the router indicates it’s talking to the DSL modem, which in turn acknowledges that it sees it’s plugged into a LAN and not just a single computer.

    everything is perfect. except there is no DSL.

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