oh, this and that

it’s been a day. seven hours being reminded how rusty a person can get when they don’t do something for a decade or so.

in random babbling type news, the poemgen place does not seem to work anymore. so i have removed that section from the sidebar, alas. also i removed the ‘recent entries’ since it’s rather redundant to list them and also have them listed on the main page. i replaced these deletions with a new thingy, a ‘random entry’ thingy. this only works with the archives from august on, but it’s randomness, and i felt the need.

in other news, the car is in the shop, and it actually probably is the thingamawhatsis that we thought it was, it’s kind of a … something near or related to the flywheel, sort of a … thing that dampens … stuff that needs dampening, it’s quite common for buicks like mine to … become undampened and … you know, rattle. or something like that.

i am boring myself with all this, but too brain dead to do better.

the only think i can think to do now is install that random plugin on the old copy of MT and do an include thingy so that there is a random new and a random old.

and then maybe go lay down and get into that stack-o-tabloids my neighbors give me when they’re done. when you’re brain dead, i always say, go with that.

8 thoughts on “oh, this and that

  1. mostly, i just can’t 10-key my way out of a wet paper sack anymore, and with huge bunches of numbers, well… i sucked at that today.

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