poll the third

well, since i overlooked sex in that last poll, i thought i’d go ahead and devote this one entirely to sex, however the subject got all twisted around somewhere along the way, and … i’m deeply ashamed. and really sorry. really.

money isn’t everything. but it beats the other things by a significant margin:

11 thoughts on “poll the third

  1. one christmas my grandma made these baked things with cheddar bacon filling or topping or something — and i ate lots. right around the time i was coming down with the stomach flu (no one else got sick, so i don’t think the baked things themselves were bad – they weren’t bad. but what happened after i ate them, that was bad).

    to this day, cheddar bacon cheese spray = sick.

  2. I’m having a hard time deciding which one is the worst. To tell the truth, after a few drinks any sex is better than none…

    I mighht draw the line at Dick Cheney though, I have some foxy looking in-laws, I likes my spankies, and cheese and bacon could be put to darn good use.

  3. i’m having a hard time deciding on the in-laws or the cheneys. i mean, it’s kinda like the same thing in a way. i guess. or. i mean, ew!

  4. y’know, i really toned the cheese thing down some. my first inclination was to say “aerosol cheese enema party” and making some crack about things sitting on a ritz — but i thought that was a bit … much.

    so you folks who are thinking of innocent applications of spray cheese, that involve licking it off of each other, well, sure, that’s not sick. but that isn’t really an “unspeakable act” with cheese, is it?

  5. what the hell is aerosol cheese??? someone needs to send some of that over to england right now!! just so i can see what you lot are using in bed…doesn’t sound like anything i’d want to put on my food.

  6. I saw group grope Christian Death and thought to myself “I haven’t told her that story yet, have I?” And then, “Come on, I was 14, whaddaya want.” Oh. Christian death metal hair band? That’s different. Nevermind.

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