post for harmonic convergence

so i could swear that the mechanic person called the part a harmonic somethingorother, so as we speak, some mechanic is chanting and waving incense at my car, ohmmmm. which is fine, i’ve got no time for harmony.

i’m not getting used to this being frantic yet, though that is probably the thing to do, practice acceptance of the several different ways i’m going to feel pulled in every moment of every working day. but honestly, having clients with web issues happening right now live online, is a uniquely hard thing to let go of and go skipping off to my internet-free job.

sorry, i just feel a little crazed today.

8 thoughts on “post for harmonic convergence

  1. kd, thank you so much for setting up surreallysupport! You and Dan helped me alot!!
    btw, I simply love this:
    “in the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird. now the world is weird and people take prozac to make it normal.”
    It is on the top of your SpongeBob skin pagey thingy..
    Where did you get it? Such wonderful words of wisdom……

  2. Yeah, ’cause the ones that worked so well in the sixties (and seventies and eighties and, well, yeah) are illegal in California…

  3. You are going to have to get a new wireless phone with a camera, so that you can start moblogging from the car wash. You already have the Sprint service for it, anyway.

  4. “harmonic balancer”… Dampens vibrations from the crankshaft (any more would be TMI).

    But, in the surreallity of it all, you don’t really want a cranky crankshaft, regardless of the name…

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