sometimes it’s hard to come up with a title

it was seven when chris woke me up, and … there’s very little i can say about that hour of the morning. so i was getting dressed to go down to the car wash to talk to the boss guy, and chris objected:

he: don’t wear that. it’s drug related.
(it’s just a bunch of stoned bunny mushrooms smoking a hookah, and you have to be gazing at it pretty intently to discern that)
me: i used to wear this to work all the time.
he: but we work with the public.
me: i used to wear this to go meet clients.

sigh. so i wore the minnie mouse sweatshirt. fine.

i it’s 8:39am, i’ve already been somewhere and done something and am back home. don’t worry, i’ll probably recover.

i’m going to have such fun with this car wash job. i really am. just a completely mellow part time gig. i’ll have to take pictures of the office, it’s quite wonderful. and the snake! i’ll have to get pictures of Bob.

now, i didn’t get all the patches uploaded last night because it was really boring, and i got sidetracked gazing at many wonderful MT plugins and going, hmmmm. i did install the MT Sanitize here and played with it, got it to where it was allowing just what i wanted it to, and, as demonstrated by SpunkyTheMonkey in the comments on the last post, it works. so i only have about 32 or 57 more copies of MT to patch, which is fine, really. i should do them now while i’m still dazed about the whole getting up while it was still dark thing, fewer distractions in the empty mind.

3 thoughts on “sometimes it’s hard to come up with a title

  1. A shirt with stoned monkeys on it is alright by me! And don’t bother fixing my MT, I don’t allow HTML in the comments, and never will (don’t know why, just won’t).

    You should get that old song “Workin’ at the Carwash” and play it whenever you are there.

  2. Urggghh…

    That’s way too early in the morning for cognitive thought! …and you had to talk with people too?

    My sympathies.

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