the most difficult thing to adjust to is the fact that i absolutely do not have the ability to be online personally while at work. this takes a good 7 hours of potential goofing off time out of my schedule, every day. back at my old job i knew just what i could get away with, and the workload was quite light. that’s no more – my comfy dead-end job.

and i feel incredibly disconnected, and yet, considering i got home close to 7pm, watched a movie (big trouble – hysterical) and now am about to collapse into a wheezing heap, i have no other way to be than disconnected, right now.

more on everything later, i will be sort of back someday, for now, *thunk*

8 thoughts on “sorry

  1. I second Jilly’s comment.
    Very quiet. But that’s ok. Soon you will gague your goofing off time. And then I guess we’ll just have to get you a phone to blog by or something! Heh.
    Meanwhile do get your rest – a massive schedule change like that is just hellish.

  2. there’s always the weekend ^_^. I hope you have an easy time of it at work. The initial weeks will give way to a more comfortable “feel” at work… Love you, whenever you get back here ^_^

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