i believe eve has psychic powers.

this morning i agreed to go into a partnership on a dedicated server, and in my mind i’m thinking, i am going to be such a horrible burden to my linux-geekier friends. honestly, i’m still a raving newbie, with so little knowledge that i’m not even dangerous yet.

and this evening i get home to find an Amazon box containing a copy of the brand new, just released Linux for Dummies, sitting on my computer chair. you could call it a coincedence, but it was just a little too perfect. leave house with a very specific need, return home to find it sitting where i was about to sit down. do you have chills? i do.

8 thoughts on “syncronicity

  1. Glad you finally got it! 🙂 You deserve something fun in the mail and besides it was on your wish list. Probably just amazon being psychic because they kept delaying the delivery until they felt you really needed it.

  2. or, you being psychic in knowing to order early so that amazon’s delays would put the delivery on exactly the right day.

  3. You know how sometimes you misread things when you’re qiuckly skimming? Well, I thought you were going into partnership on a defecated server. And I thought, wow, must be one shitty server.
    Gotta find me some coffee. 😀

  4. If you need a hand with linuxy things, holler. I’ve been doing RHCL for about nine years. I administer two systems at school (or what passes for sysadm 🙂 and have plenty of scars to share. 🙂

  5. Ditto of sorts… I’m no master, but I have my hands in linux/apache all day long. Feel free to drop me an IM if you need a hand with anything.

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