that bloggy love thing

i just wanted to say that that whole bloggy love thing going on? i just wanted to tell you i love you all, i am so too scatterminded to focus on doing a proper tribute.

ok, now i’m really going to upload those patches.

10 thoughts on “that bloggy love thing

  1. I’ve only come across a few blogs that I DIDN’T love! I just never went back to them. I love coming here… you really have a way with words that is unique and refreshing. Take care, Be Safe, Know you’re LOVED

  2. Lovefest!!!!

    So I was reading E and remembered that today was the Blogger Lovefest, that apparently Robyn started? I’m not sure – I’m behind in my daily readings. Haven’t caught up since I got behind in December. Heh. So I haven’t checked out the Bloggies or gone a…

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