this isn’t a weekend

and that’s just the weirdest feeling. ok, well technically these are the usual days at the end of the week, but in a really unusual way. there is an open-ended feeling to it, which is kinda cool, in a way. but that would be the slightly dizzy way, and what i need to do is establish some sense of purpose. like make this dining room table in this breakfast nook feel officey. it should be much more officey than my former office was. it was ok to be cluttered and scattered there, because it was surrounded by office people doing business stuff, it was obviously a workplace. whereas this nook here is in serious need of a new image, a denookification if you will, so that it looks like a workplace and not a beerplace or a chatplace. this isn’t going to be easy – the nook is steeped in beery tradition, i can feel its relaxed atmosphere sucking the purposefulness right outta me already, it’s just that cozy and messy and such a fascinating accumulation of artifacts of late night misadventures, and oh, the memories. this was the table i was under that night i was under a table, you know. me and the nook, we have history. which must now be razed for sake of progress.

i need to organize. i need a list. maybe several lists. i wish i had a snazzy list notebook, and a nice comfy pen with pretty ink. but that would be a little too conducive to listmaking, list rewriting, list editing, list tearing out and starting over, going for that perfect list, which could be a problem. the perfect list isn’t what i need right now, no matter how seductively the thought of it beckons.

i’m not sure i’m entirely ready to plunge in to productive organizing, at least on the physical plane. perhaps i’ll begin by going through all the files on this computer, or, um, damn, sitting here thinking distracted me from the fact that one things i was sitting on was my foot. owie. bad tingles. bad.

obviously i’m a danger to myself, and require more coffee before i even start to try to think.

15 thoughts on “this isn’t a weekend

  1. nope. digging the whole denookification thing. well, the concept at least. hell, i’m still sitting here just contemplating getting more coffee.

  2. The first day of your new life. A mix of excitement and “oh fucking shit” all wrapped in one.

    Hope that list comes out ok, but WAIT until after you have coffee!!!

  3. i love the sound of redecorating! want some ideas? oohh- let’s go office shopping and paint and wallpaper and pick some matching fabrics…
    wait- i’m in over my head- sorry!


  4. well, so far i’ve managed to get another cup of coffee, and go through all the programs on the work computer, uninstalling the stuff i don’t use, and rearranging my desktop icons into logical groups. also i found the copy of WinDVD that i was frantically searching for last night, right in the center of where i was frantically searching, so now i finally have a computer that will properly run DVDs. yes, yes, i realize the DVD issue could be considered non-work related, but it does make the computer cooler.

    an orderly desktop is a happy desktop. now if only the real desktop matched the virtual one.

  5. Nice job on the desktop.

    Hope you’ve been keeping yourself supplied with coffee. You have to time the pace of denookification just right, you know. It should be interspersed with a judicious but steady influx of caffeine.

  6. I love desktop pictures…you should have an entry about that!

    ok, that cinches it, next time I am down south can I come visit? 😉

    you are too cool!

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