thursday, january ninth

this is when my dsl company says i can have dsl again. thursday. the ninth. excuse me but that’s a lot fucking longer than five fucking business days you fuckers. *ahem*

and so i’m suffering, only being able to surf blogs for short periods of time before the ickyness of this totally obsolete setup sends me spiraling into the abyss of wretchedness. spoiled. yes. that’s the word.

meanwhile, the other night i gave the surreally news and updates site a new look, and then i went on a (slow, careful surf up against the wall) and attempted to discern just how many folks are blogging on surreally. have a look at that blogroll. does that not rock?

i’m going to go play sonic the hedgehog now. i got up to level four last night, stopping only when i realized my thumb was starting to look puffy and turn colors. oh not bad colors, just kinda reddish. and no, i’m not kidding. but heck, i’m up to the boss on level four and my god it is fun to be a hedgehog running amok freeing all the little animals from the evil doctor robotnik or whatever his name is.

i’m actually as good at this game as my son is. well, almost. and that’s saying something.

9 thoughts on “thursday, january ninth

  1. Jesus Christ. I was thinking there were about 15 or so Surreally sites. Damn.

    When I had to use dial-up before I turned all the graphics off and then it was just barely fast enough to justify turning the computer on.

  2. i really had myself believing, oh, it’ll only be another day or so. no, no, it’s another week or so. and it’s not just the slowness, it’s the absolute suckiness of the only computer that will dial the internet. this computer was barely adequate three years ago. now? fuck. it’s like why bother.

    i need more xanax. two? that was just silly. i need … at least 20 to get me through the next week with this horrible paucity of technology.

    send drugs. hurry.

  3. omg…nine days??? dude, the PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i suck at video games, but i love to play them….maybe you’ll give me some pointers?

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