oooookay. so that was a nice little ohmygod type freakout. at first it was like the PHP wasn’t working, i’ve seen this before – but the mime type was set up right, so … there i was. finally i got the browser to open up the error page and lo and behold, it was hacking up a hairball about my index.wml file (the wireless internet page, remember?)

so i zapped the page(s), and all’s well, well, sort of. now i have to go and figure out what all else is pointing somewhere it shouldn’t be and all that, but basically, i’m moved.

and now i am much more qualified to guide the rest of the moves. much.

9 thoughts on “*whew*

  1. What the %$#@? When I left clicked on your link or right click/opened on your link a file attempted to download and i got warning pop-ups.

    Then I opened up another explorer window and it worked.

    You’re doing something sneaky over there, aren’t you?

  2. Now I just tried to click the “main” link at the top of this comment page, and it did it again.

    Are you letting Kurtwood play around with the CSS again?

  3. I saved the file to my desktop, and took a gander, but it’s saying windows does not recognize/cannot open this file.

    I’m not drunk or messed up in any way at all right now, I swear…

  4. the index.wml file KEEPS COMING BACK. i delete it, i navigate out of the directory, it COMES BACK. i am going to have to give it a mime type of its own just to SHUT IT UP because the damn file WON’T STAY DEAD.

  5. This is quite funny though. I loudly exclaimed “What the fuck?” and scared my cats the first time it happened. Then I checked myself to make sure I wasn’t asleep and having a dream.

    Glad you know what it is, ’cause I just downloaded it and sent it to you as revenge in case it was evil big brother spyware!

  6. i think i finally have the files out of the directory, and if they come back again they do actually have their own, correct mime type.

    but the bastards better not come back.

  7. oh. um. duh? duhduhduhduhduh. DUH!!! the templates for the .wml and .hdml files were dutifully rebuilding themselves every time MT initiated a rebuild of the main page. so, i fixed that and now if they come back that *will* be creepy.

    instead of stupid, which is what it was all those other times they came back.

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