so i try not to be boring, but i’m not very good at not posting, so here we have this: if i had anything to write about at all, it would be about how i spent my afternoon getting my mind’s ass kicked by things like the #sessions.sessionID# variables in Application.cfm. ‘logout and clean up after yourselves’, i asked politely, and the dysfunctional little fuckers decided to take a timeout and give me this ‘we don’t exist’ attitude. and that was just the finishing touches on the day’s misadventures. the site had formerly been separated, secure space here, insecure there, and suddenly had to be integrated into one place. each side had its own database, both of which had been given the same name and address by the idiot who designed the thing, and so it was all about renaming and rearranging things and nothing recognizing anything anymore. and everywhere cryptic errors, some inexplicable, as in those sessions hooligans, others very explicable, as in, not only have i been faking it with this cold fusion stuff since day one, i have been without the software since day thirty of the trial.

another thing that’s probably only interesting to me, is the discovery that the idiot that made this site basically just copied code straight off of the CD that came with the cold fusion book, with a few modifications here and there (by which i mean, he copied it, then he broke it). he also let his graphics program code his image rollovers. badly. and his passwords all refer to christian hair metal bands.

the fact that he actually managed to do this for a living for a decent length of time does wonders for my confidence levels.

and while i was working away madly on all this, my email dings, it’s my future ex-bosses with a huge-ass list of changes they want made to the company website before i go. how terribly amusing.

in other news, if i had even a shred of coherency left in my fuzzy little head, i would be futzing around with this router here. for all i know there’s DSL in these here walls, and me too mentally spent to get to it.

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  1. Oh, dear. The same name stuff speaks to me; I’ve dealt with similar situations, and it gets confusing as hell. “Which one is it looking at here, and then when I do this, which one now, and…”

    Bleah. I feel for you, kd.

  2. you know, i have three clients who came to me as refugees from two different designers, who had such similar m.o.’s — this one had the different databases with the same names, the other guy — i am not making this up — used visual interdev to generate an extensive database, which consists of six tables with the exact same field names in each table — C1, C2, C3 — didn’t even bother to rename the fields to something that gave some indication what was in the field.

  3. Discovering that the people who were doing your job before you had no idea how to do the job right is all part of the job in my experience.

  4. I love the way they’re taking advantage of having you at least one more day. :/

    You get to take your clients with you, right? Hrm. If so, you should wait until tomorrow to help the ones who can wait and then you can bill them yourself. 😉

    This is your last day, right? I’ll keep you in my thoughts and send you many many wondermous and happy vibes today. *mwah*

  5. Just remember to have you hourly rate set for tomorrow, when they call you to fix more problems that they can’t fix! My cousin had the same thing happen about three years ago he said, and after he left the company, they immediately started calling him for help………no not paid help, they just wanted to know how he did this, or that, or did he have any ideas about such. He said, have your rates ready!!!

    Good luck KD, hope everything goes good.

    Oh yeah, and tell the DSL people that you want the purple modem, it just seems to run so much nicer! hehehehe

  6. What? You’re not using the ftp client built into EditPlus? That’s what swung the deal for me after you turned me on to it.

    Yep, life in the fast lane here in blogland…

  7. well, since i’m keeping the same clients, the work will stay the same. i’m a lot more friendly with CF now than i was before, if only because i seriously had to go through the whole site step by step, rather than before when i was just patching things here and there.

    it’s a little challenging doing all the CF stuff in a text editor, but what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.

  8. no, Edit Plus MX 2002, the developer’s platinum edition. it’s very fancy.

    i liked it so much i even talked my boss into paying the fee, and that’s saying something.

    the whole time i’ve worked here i’ve never had a real FTP client either. i have an outdated version of AceFTP that only has a nag screen (the newer version actually expires after 30 days, so i had to revert to the old version). but you know — transferring files to and from the internet, how essential was that to my job function?

  9. ftp client? bah. command line baybee! put, get, chmod, pwd. except when moving 20 directories at a time – that can be a challenge.

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