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i knew i was forgetting something. monday! explains alot. like why chris had to go pick up kurtwood at school and bring him home and shave his head: apparently there are now new super-lice that don’t die when you slather them with rid two times in three days and nit-comb the heck out of the kid’s poor little head. so he has a buzz cut. cool, huh? and ok, i know i don’t have them, the nits are quite visible white, and my hair is quite a deep shade of red, and i would see them if they were there. they are not. does this prevent me from itching? no, no it doesn’t.

yeah, it was a monday.

and i do not want this to be a complaint, it’s just a stressor: after he left the office this evening, the car wash boss called me back and said, “what do bookkeepers make?”. i mumbled. he asked, would i like to work full time, and what would i want for money? i know this is a good thing. but i love my other job too. and i really honestly don’t know what to do. i’ve made pro/con lists, i’ve talked to chris, i’ve done spreadsheets of labor market surveys, i’ve had beers. i’ve distracted myself by organizing info on the hostees in preparation for the move. i’ve itched my head. i’ve decided not to decide tonight. i’ve package-tracked the cd burner my parents are sending me. it’s cool it’s one of those external ones, they don’t need it anymore. it
didn’t leave oregon till just a few minutes ago. i’m leaning towards the car wash. that might be a path of least resistence thing, and i don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. i’m having another beer. i’m thinking of putting up a new poll. i’m clicking post.

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  1. Now that I can see this again, I agree with dan. No decisions on Mondays. Or maybe a two-days here, three-days there kind of arrangement, flip-flopping the two places on alternate weeks?

    It comes down to what do you really like to do more.

  2. the internet is really weird. it makes me panic all the time these days, like now.

    oh don’t bother going to the forum. there are problems deep in the server’s root directory and i am trying to fix but have no clue.


  3. We have super lice here too. There’s a big “bug busting” campaign here to try and discourage pesticide use. Basically you put loads on conditioner on their hair and go through with a nit comb. You do this every couple of days for 2 weeks. I’m itching now!!

  4. You know, I was having the same problem reading this site today that I had last night? This time I switched to the verizon dialup and I can read this again. Anyone ever heard of an ISP mucking up site connectivity?

  5. Path of least resistance is always the best, until another path with less resistance comes up.

    Poor Kurtwood. I’ve never exactly had lice even when a little kid, but when I was going to college I had “the kind of lice that live down south”, if you catch my drift. Talk about itch! I was too embarassed to go to the pharmacist and tell him of my predicament, so I tried to self medicate it and kill them by pouring ammonia all over myself “down there”.

    Don’t do that. I was screaming for a long long time…

  6. Linkmeister: other than AOL, no.

    everyone else: school admin staff said try mayonnaise. put it on hair, leave on a long time, nit comb through, wash thoroughly.

    it was easier to do the headshaving.

    also some serious hair dye will do it too.

  7. we did the mayo thing but my niece keeps bouncing back and forth between her dad, here, school, day care and a babysitter. there’s no one making sure it’s done correctly and frequently enough. but i will definitely go back on the mayo routine for myself and my son, whose hair is so long and curly it will take a whole jar each time. hair dye, huh? hmm…

  8. Super lice? Oh great. Now I’m scared. My daughter would kill me if we had to resort to shaving her head…no, I take that back. She’d probably be happy to try out some wigs.

  9. flip a coin.

    ok, maybe not, but i don’t have the wonderful words of wisdom that you do! so how about congrats to you on your continued success of “life”.

    hey-where the picture of kurtwood with his buzz? maybe he could do a self-portrait? 🙂

  10. It sounds a little too much like salad dressing to consider putting mayo on one’s head. I’ll just sit here and be greatful the superbugs aren’t in my apartment (at least not that I’ve noticed) and feel confident that in this case I can’t imagine that there is a wrong decision to be made.

  11. oh.my.god. super lice. no wonder we’re going crazy here. my niece brought ’em, i’ve got ’em, and nothing we try will get rid of ’em. don’t use pesticides, though, whatever you do. think about that stuff sinking into your kid’s scalp. very bad… and it doesn’t work anyway. i’m trying some natural stuff now. will let you know how it works.

    are you going for a buzz cut too?

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