alrighty then let’s see if i have this straight — there’s a paranoid whacko dictator with The Bomb, there’s a call to arms being sent to a vast number of already angry people who are absolutely everywhere, and i could go on linking shit but why? it would only upset me. i’m working from home, it’s raining like hell, i have dsl and kazaa lite and limewire pro and a cd burner and … oh you know what? the superman set has grown now to include some 41 songs, 38 of which (excluding multiple versions by the same artist) are now burned onto two cds, entitled ‘songs about superman’ and ‘more songs about superman’. did you know sunshine superman was covered by both jewel and hüsker dü? betcha didn’t. i suppose a track list is in order here, and also i have included an unrelated mp3 in the more area, which sums up my philosophy about world affairs. and now i’m getting to work.

listening to burn and shine by the posies. damn, i missed the posies. out of all the stuff i’ve gleaned through my adventures with P2P, that’s one i had to go ahead and order, oh, so wonderful.

my mp3 collection is currently at 1.00 GB (1,074,528,256 bytes) which is two to four times what it was a few days ago, imagine my glee to run the *.mp3 search and select all and view properties and see that number? see, life is good, no matter what all those news thingys say.

why don’t we get drunk and screw?

see the last superman entry for the tracklist of cd#1

more songs about superman
sunshine superman – donovan
black superman – above the law
superman – bad religion
superman – blindside
superman – bush
superman – lazlo bane (theme from scrubs)
superman – robies
superman – sister hazel
superman – alanis morissette
superman – unwritten law
superman/supergirl – killing heidi
ain’t no such thing as superman – gil scott-heron
i whipped superman’s ass – welsey willis
supaman/supastar – chico debarge featuring redman
superman theme – aphrodite
superman – black sabbath (unconfirmed that this is black sabbath, but it’s something quite like them if not)
sunshine superman – hüsker dü
sunset superman – dio
sunshine superman – jewel
superman – eminem (version previously recorded to cd #1 was one of those five second loops recorded over and over and put out on the networks by the record companies to discourage filesharing. yeah, that works.)

dammit! i forgot eric clapton – superman inside! oh well, i have to redo #1 to get rid of the looped eminem.

i also have a fairly impressive collection of music featured on the show due south. very eclectic, that.

i have a zipfile of forty superman songs, it’s about 150something megs, but if anybody is interested i’ll upload the thing. interesting collection is putting it mildly.

ok, now i’m really going to work.

6 thoughts on “babbling

  1. …and in the middle of everything, kinda tucked away and unnanounced, sits “why don’t we get drunk and screw”.

    kd, have you ever thought of running for president, because you are truly a visionary and have a fine understanding of the things that really matter.

  2. you know, i’ve been listening to the presidents of the united states of america today. naked and famous, lump, kitty — i’m liking that platform. since they broke up maybe i might have a run at it.

  3. oh, i know, i know — two full cds of superman songs is really just scratching the surface of the whole songs-about-superman thing. it’s huge, it truly is.

    but i’m running low on CDRs, i’ve gone through 7 this week and that’s not counting the daily re-do of my CDRW that i take to work with me and play on whatever computer.

    just a really intense hobby, that’s all, not an obsession or anything of that nature.

  4. Listened to S. Charlotte Superman Can’t Walk while commuting EARLY this a.m., and my browser pointed to your site when I plugged that song title in. cool site, wish I had more time to explore. Well, soon maybe. I’d be interested in your zipfile of forty superman songs…point the way & I’ll go right along. Sorry, Office killed kazaa for me (damn nosey IT twerps & their firewall) so…. any other options?

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