ok, it’s growing on me. last night as i was modifying all the header graphics on the skins, i was struck by the fact that hooha is just the perfect word. because not only is it fun to say, it’s pretty. it’s sleek and lovely and oh so evocative.

and as i was fixing up the first graphic, i started thinking about batgrl and how glad i am that she keeps the concept of hooha alive and well, the woman is a conoisseur of hooha. so i ended up going back in and adding props to the graphics, it’s only right.

’cause i’m madly happy to have hooha in my life. and in my URL.

13 thoughts on “hooha

  1. KD: single handedly buying up all the worlds top level domains.

    Hey, just getting into Zim, I love this design. But where is Grr?

  2. And I shall ping you most happily – as soon as I get sleep! Fun moving a friend this weekend. Much smelly cleansing hooha in my life today.

  3. Ah, yes, I would know not of hooha, nor of this blogworld, even, without her. And as someone who’s seen her collections of toys knickknacks, I can honestly say that Batty is indeed the queen of all that is Hooha-ey.

  4. OK. I would swear I commented here yesterday too. Mom jokes that hoo-ha was my first work, but I’m fairly certain I didn’t pick it up til kindergarten. Regardless, it’s a fine word and a fine domain name. 🙂

  5. Surfing the neighborhood, and the Jackson documentary

    I’ve decided to spend more time in blogland, because there’s way too many things I can find to be stressed about locally. (No, I don’t think I need to list all the others – destressing here, remember?) Linky linked me to this post at East West, which i…

  6. I’ll try to keep my comment PG13, but I gotta tell ya a buddy of mine calls his pee-wee his Hoo Haw, and I can’t help but laugh when I see that header graphic.

    “KD brought to you by Hoo Haw” is what I see. Sorry, hope I didn’t ruin it for ya. 😀

  7. Did you move and I missed the memo? I’m so confused… Help.

    (I think the fact that I can’t see anything out of my office window thanks to the fog and haze isn’t helping. Where did my awesome view go???)

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