inner tubes and boat weirdos and upgrades, oh my

i have a lot more music at the moment than i have … stuff to say, really. and i just upgraded my mt and i wanted to see if maybe that thing where you have to link mp3s in the more text or else the autopingerator hacks up a hairball, is fixed? my guess would be no, but i’m trying anyway.

it is fixed – i could put the mp3s here in the main entry but i seem to prefer them in the more area.

it’s joe walsh, it’s classic stuff, it’s …

sooooo mellow.

but seriously, folks

these two go together: inner tube and theme from boat weirdos. both from ‘but seriously folks’, released in (probably) 1978. i had this on vinyl when it was new.

the songs are meant to be listened to together — inner tube first, then the boat weirdos. instrumental trippyness.

6 thoughts on “inner tubes and boat weirdos and upgrades, oh my

  1. wowsers. the autopingerator didn’t wig out over the mp3s! and there are new option thingys and such too. ooh. new mt.

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