just super

horny dwarves prevailed in the last poll, and with all the superman songs stuck in my head, i thought it would be interesting to see if the man of steel is also the justice league superhero you’d most like to be rescued by – me, i’m more of a batman kinda gal.

little people need hot snow white lovin’ too:

10 thoughts on “just super

  1. There aren’t enough hot super chicks in the Justice League and Wonder Woman is too old for me. Besides, that metal bra would hurt. I’d have to vote for Hawkgirl.

    If I were in trouble I’d prefer to be saved by Chiana, that hot, gray girlie in Farscape.

    Now, if I were a Pretender and need to be caught the one I want chasing me down would have to be Ms. Parker. With handcuffs.

  2. Hi Kd…

    How funny, I never realised how many songs had refences to “superman”. How poetic people can be!!! 🙂 Hope your doing well!!!


  3. I miss Wonder Woman, she was all I lived for as a child. And now she is gone, and I am left to idolize who, Jennifer Aniston? Oh God, this century is going to pot.

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