me me mine gimme

i woke up this morning out of a very successful coding dream, just the very minute i got all the functions to work. spent a blissful minute or two basking in that place between sleep and remembering. oh, i make it sound like things are horrible, and they are not, but having this decision hanging over me feels just … there is no happy ending, you know, no matter what i decide i’m losing something else. greedy? yeah, it’s kind of like that. no, i don’t want to choose, i want it all! me me mine gimme!


also i’ve faced a similar decision in the past. i listed and considered and weighed, i was logical, rational, and practical, and everything about the decision i made, made perfect sense. the only small problem was that it turned out to be one of the wrongest choices imaginable. it was a career-destroyer, that’s how bad it was. it was an ok, now we start from scratch again type of thing.

and now i’ll quit yapping about this and get to work.

3 thoughts on “me me mine gimme

  1. ‘scuse me being a little presumptuous but i get the feeling that your head says go for it and your gut says don’t. your gut is probably right (whatever it’s saying).

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