i don’t know why surreally’s been down, or for how long, dot net and org are fine but dot com is missing.

should have had them moved by now, but … the task of getting everyone notified and all, well, i put it off. not anymore though.

also the new servers have protections against bots — and bots are still a problem, i guess not everyone did the mt-sanitize, and that leaves the comment text boxes like huge holes in the server.

that may be why it’s not running, it could be more bots.

cPanel has things that monitor for bots and shut them down. the old hosts, well, they don’t have that, and so they cutoff my ftp access every time there’s a bot. this makes NO FUCKING SENSE and is also partly the reason i don’t get things moved on time, i have to argue for my passwords back. like cutting off my password is going to … do what? whatever. most of the time, lately, i have no password access. fun stuff, eh?

i’m trying to find out what’s wrong.

One thought on “surreally

  1. Maybe Surreally has been down because your Kazaa usage is taxing the capabilities of the internet. It’s probably using more bandwidth than a million Denial of Service hacker attacks would.

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