um. more music? the mellow stuff?

’cause that’s … um. oo, words. hmm. words, words …

ok then. so i’ll be cruising around and suddenly it’ll hit me, some song i had almost entirely forgotten existed. and i have to wonder about how my mind works, how could it misplace things like cathedral and to the last whale/critical mass/wind on the water? how could i have forgotten seeing CSN&Y in november of 82 in the oakland … coliseum? yeah, must have been. was 8 months preggers with amanda jayne. wonderful concert. it was during their ‘daylight again’ tour, but the songs that really stood out were the two i’m linking here in the more. i must say that the live performance of cathedral was absolutely transcendent.

and for long after she was born, if my daughter got fussy, i’d sit her in her baby seat near the speakers playing my CSN albums softly, she’d settle right down, enjoying memories of her first concert.

whale / mass / wind / water


**note to self: buy bigger hard drive and upgrade to the next level of DSL

One thought on “um. more music? the mellow stuff?

  1. okay I’ll try this again. couldn’t find the Post button.. duh!

    I always thought that David Crosby’s voice was so underrated. I recently made a hodgepodge CD and “..the last whale”, “traction in the rain” and “song with no words” made it on there. Your daughter likes good tunes 😉

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