when i fight authority, i make sure it’s not really authority

commuting makes me feel smart, because i see so many more complete morons than i used to, just cruising across town. case in point: this morning, on a stretch of 101 where the usual flow of traffic is 75-80 mph (it’s ok, we’re southern californians, don’t try this at home), there was a paranoid little clot of cars all hovering behind … a security guard. quite obviously a security guard. i mean please. yellow lights — nothing with yellow lights can pull you over, k? so security dude was in the fast lane doing 65, and 50 cars were all bunched up behind him, huddled masses yearning to break free, but unable to bring themselves to pass a coplike car. so i found my way through the moronic horde, and floored it. after me, only one other brave soul dared venture into the wide open spaces in front of the security car, and we had the freeway to ourselves for miles, it was great. commuting is like the other white meat, or sliced bread, or … yeah, commuting is basically a sandwitch. with mayonnaise.

in other news, if i don’t get a cd player in my car soon i shall go mad. mad i say. mad! mad. i will. i mean it. i’ll be all decked out in camo with the face paint and everything, armed literally to the teeth, belly-crawling through the lobby of the nearest clearchannel affiliate station with malice aforethought, yes i will. ok, maybe not. but i need to illustrate the point about the cd player, which may seem like a luxury, but it is anything but that.

10 thoughts on “when i fight authority, i make sure it’s not really authority

  1. I think you should attack the ClearChannel people on principle; they own like 1300 radio stations, all of which play the same stuff. Apparently this country prizes diversity except in its media. Bleah.

  2. Woman if I didn’t have a CD player in my car the window on the drivers side would be cracked and need replacement because my head was banging at it out of despair.

  3. ha ha!
    the only thing more funny around here is when people see the local community college police and come to a complete stop….
    geez people, if you’re going to do 75 normally please just continue to go about your ‘business as usual’.

  4. we’ve got the discman-tape deck hookup since the old car died in BFE and we haven’t had time to go back in the past eight months to pick up the cd for the new car. i miss it (sony xplod, good stuff, they’ll get you a good deal at circuit city or whatever, justify away!) but i have to say, i never, ever stress out about the possibility of the discman getting ripped off, which happened to us with the actual stereo system prior to the xplod (they also stole our car and left it two blocks away, go figure). and soundwise, i don’t think there’s much difference except our old car had better speakers.

  5. hmm. well, maybe the one i had was crappy because it was from like, radio shack?

    sigh. i suppose i’ll have to look into this, this casette adapter thingy.

    i have too many cool custom made cds, i need to do whatever it takes so i can listen to them in the car.

  6. Oh, man! Stacey is soooo right; those work great: I use one for the trips to the coast.

    Just make sure you get one with 10 seconds or so of anti-skip.

  7. i have tried those, with the cassette adapter, too much interference, not enough VOLUME.

    need one of those new ones that plays MP3 CDs too.


    (look, guys, i’m trying to justify something here, hush up with the practical suggestions)

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