and i’m wasted and i can’t find my way home

except of course here i am, home, unwasted; the nausea is entirely unrelated. it’s simply what happens with the goddamn gravity forever in flux, don’t you just hate that? never knowing what force is necessary and ending up either floaty and uncontrolled or leaden-limbed and overwhelmed, and you just never know.

but this is my new normal and i am learning to begin considering these aberrant forces as an enhancement of sorts, a woof in the fabric of my existence (and at right angles to the warp threads, that’s what a woof is, which makes woof the word of the moment and the moment resonant with woof and this pleases me greatly, you have no idea) and i am almost not nauseous now well a little but i’ve had a bit of an epiphany there: between the demanding pangs of hunger and the vague urge to puke, i will pick the i-might-puke every time and consider it serendipity, and yes i have issues, such issues, the issues i suppose are the warp threads and the gravity woof woven in subtle relief providing the pattern, do you see it? have you seen it before? i am seeing it now, and it is my very first time, excuse me i am rapt and i am willing to call this rapture.


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