booty. boo�tay, yeah.

it’s windy chilly and wild out, and i am wearing my old tommy hilfiger pants, and my ass looks marvelous. i have no desire to go to work, how many nice young butts in jeans must a lecherous goat such as myself be subjected to in one day? i ask you. gender unimportant, i’m open. minded. and jeans on round behinds is one of those things you just gotta thank the universe for, a thing of booty is a joy forever. um. i’m so sorry about that one.

and i’m not me. there’s someone else in here, and she’s … damn. she’s kinda hot, considering … and she’s terribly frisky today. terribly. and she is mighty mighty, just lettin’ it all hang out. well, she is.

and who wouldn’t be, with such an ass? i wish i still had a webcam. it’s an ass of substance, but not nearly as much substance as it was, and … this ass obsession has got to go. got to.

brick. house.

9 thoughts on “booty. boo�tay, yeah.

  1. well *mwah* – you go girl!

    make someone take a picture! if not, I know you have to have a camera with a timer somewhere…

  2. oh yeah. well, that i have, but i am not seriously going to take a picture of my ass. no. i mean, no.

    maybe i’m almost normal once again?

    no, it’s just a different aspect of me is thinking up crazy shit right now.

  3. the camera only takes 1280 x 960px, my ass has a lot more pixels than that.

    plus that was that wild chick that popped in this morning, i’m much calmer now.

    i’ve been positively contemplative. in very strange ways, but still.

  4. oh, i am like an ass connoisseur, at least i am today. this is so un-me, it’s kinda freaky. oh yeah she’s a super freak …

    good god.

  5. also i am having a good hair day. yeah, you want some a this sugar, doncha?

    (make her stop this. she’s scaring me.)

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