can’t sleep. clowns will eat me.

i’m pretty sure he’s dead. which is good, i’m exhausted & i damn near killed my ownself standing on a swively chair so i could reach.

but what if he’s faking it till i sleep, waiting patiently until the lights are out to avenge this, the latest of several attempts on his life? i thought i got him hours ago, i would swear it, and yet there he was, hovering over me, woozy but most assuredly not dead. not dead = not good.

i know. sure, i must be sure. garbage disposal? is that really necessary? yeah yeah fine i will. i will! damn you, leave me be, i’ll do it.

it’s just never easy, is it?

5 thoughts on “can’t sleep. clowns will eat me.

  1. nope. never ever easy. they just keep coming back for more and more until ‘you’ become the hunted and ‘it’ the hunter.

  2. holy smurfs batman, I thought you were really talking about clowns for a second and then I found myself thinking “yes, the garbage disposal is an excellent place” uh, I really do have clown issues, but a spider, well that is just creepy, but scoot him outside 😉

  3. actually it was one of those big fluttery huge things that are supposed to eat mosquitos, either that or the are actually mosquitos and no one will tell me. they are ultra creepy. and there was more than one of them. it was horrible.

  4. …and they are masters of deception, disregarding lost limbs and even wings, waiting for the moment just beyond your attention span.

  5. mosquito hawk. i’ve also been told they eat mosquitos and are good. but they scare me. i hate all those dangly legs and wings and and and …


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