hundredtwenny milesanhour maybemore allfuckingday longmonday. clientscalling whiningwhatnotyet nohellno payrolllate depositwhatever goodgod. home. email. air? right. breathe. deadlinetomorrow noclue ifitcan bedone letalone when. otherdeadline thursdayareyou fuckingkidding?

hungrydizzy. smellygrubby. shower? food? umno. deoderantanda canofrockstar andsomecookies. *chokechoke* ohyeah eatfood breatheair nottheother wayaround.

ok, break’s over.

4 thoughts on “fastermorenowhurry

  1. You need more Sponge Bob genes; he could at least breath the water…

    Rock Star and cookies? Babe, where are the Cheetos? I thought they were mandatory for coding…

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