first we kill all the spammers

so, what happens when you have something like surreally, a big place that at one point had lots of email addys, and they were (choke) linked on the site. uh, duh me? yeah. anyway, what happens if you switch servers and your cPanel offers to auto-configure your “master” email account to download to your outlook express, and suddenly you are getting all the stray email that goes to surreally?

i’ll tell you what happens. about a spam every two mintes, ALL DAY AND NIGHT. that’s right SEVEN HUNDRED SOME-ODD GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING SPAMS. IN ONE DAY.


8 thoughts on “first we kill all the spammers

  1. Some days the spam is my only mail. If I didn’t get that, how would I know I exist? Not that that has anything to do with your situation–I think you should forward it to someone you hate.

  2. … and i lose my real email in there!

    the volume of it is sickening. i’m going to configure a separate identy for this “catch-all” account, but still – it’s such a nasty infestation. nasty.

  3. Sorry KD.

    However, it isnt coming from my email. I dont have one. Just doing my part to make your life just a wee bit easier! 🙂

  4. you know what’s really messed up too? the fact that the subject line of my comments notification contains the word “spammers”, all my comments notification mails are getting shuffled off to the “inbox guardian” by the ever-helpful but worthless microsoft. it lets 700 spams through and filters out mail from my own friggin website.

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