heck may as well make it an even midnight

right now i’m getting ready to leave work and go take my un-jacket-wearing ass out to the cold car and go home. it would be a fifteen hour day if you counted the client meeting i had in another city this morning, and i do count that. there is so much more needing done and i want to stay and do just a thing or two more, but i ache.

so you know if you’re wondering, about anything, hopefully this will explain why or what or you know, whatever.

ok maybe the january journal entry. and february, it would be such a weight off me if they computer had the actual bank balance. then i looked at the february report vs. the actual and good god. never mind.

well, no, let me try just one thing …

7 thoughts on “heck may as well make it an even midnight

  1. Oh my goodness, not long days. They will kill you. I did my share, then got burnt out and quit to have babies LOL. Whatever you do, don’t work through lunch!

  2. i never, ever take lunch. ever. i’m not a luncher. i’m at eat at my desk while being paid person.

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