& i gaze a mean navel, too

i don’t want to work i don’t want to fix the internet i don’t want to sleep i don’t want to make cds i don’t want to watch dvds, i want to write. i want to sit here diddle these keys until it happens. i want to go noodle with the seven or so things in draft status, garbage mostly maybe not. maybe a revision of an old old poem that turned into an insane essay. the best version of which? i kicked the plug right before saving.

and i am apparently sick of typing out and. i loved my pretty & and the bastards called her evil. fuck the bastards, fuck the dumb shit, give me words, give me sparse stark things & then some whimsy please & follow that with a lush rush of verbiage & keep it coming until i am whining with the carpal tunnel, i want repetetive fucking stress injuries from the staggering volume of words.

assiduous. pure. harrowing. edifying. obvious. erstwhile. reticence. sex. reverie. unfettered. will. ever. fingertips. sex. after. consume. confound. mate. release. limitless. ephemera. and aside from that this really weird weird hope thing. it has no words, & yet i can’t shut the fuck up. unless.

19 thoughts on “& i gaze a mean navel, too

  1. the only thing bad about sleeping all day is that now you will be awake all night 😉

    I sometimes long for the days when I could nap whenever the mood struck. sigh.

  2. ‘Rapacious’ has been clanging up there in my top for two days. I need to do something with that.

    ‘Epic rapaciousness’
    ‘Rapacity of unheralded proportions’


  3. rapacious.us is available, as is rapacious.net and rapacity.net and … what wonderful URLs those would make, i’m just sayin’.

  4. like, payday. tuesday, i’m sure. i’m all into the domains these days.

    every have a hankerin’ for the MT, miss Jett? i could hook you up.

  5. Quite frankly, I have a hankerin’ for a redesign (there’s a simple, pretty picture in my head), but hesitate to ask Seth as he’s already been so generous with his time and space….

    And I’ve only used MT once, on Patti’s photoday project last year. I liked it, yeth. Yeth I did.

  6. it’s cooler now. oh, it’s very very cool. i would say i’d do the design but … i would then proceed to either do the hell out of it or i would flake for days.

    either way, the URL and space are yours and my MT template wranglin’ assistance would be … sketchy at best but when i get into a batch o’ templates, i get allll into them and … yeah.

    plus it is such the URL for you.

  7. can’t AIM. AIM will eat me. email phone # & i shall call when done with various errandy thingys. energy drinkys for everybody!

  8. me at feckless dot net would do.

    i keep replying to the comments are those not going through? those have a different email addy on them. i have … severe multiple personality disorder and they all demand email privileges.

  9. & i was s’posed to call you back, however, fecklessly i failed. i earn this URL more & more day by day.

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