it isn’t about pain, unless it is

and exactly what in the name of all holy fuck will i do if/when i get what i want?

in my life i have wanted, and i have gotten, and in general there was little or no aforethought given to the aftermath of the getting. nedless to say there has been some … unpleasantness? generally involving me bitterly muttering ‘be careful what you wish for’ and then forgetting all about that and doing more wishing and, well, this time is different. it is. shut up. no, really, this time i’m going to brace for the impact. anecdotal evidence suggests that the resulting ruin increases in direct proportion to the intensity of the initial want, which in this case would bode ill except that the usual delusional emotional component is mostly absent, replaced with a rational practical approach which …

is doomed. how doomed? utterly. and completely. doomed. measurably doomed. think richter scale. so what i’m saying here is i want … doom? well, no, i mean yes, well, you see for years i’ve been deliberately settling, a sedimentary process and yes it was a relief at first and now? now i am damn near insensate underneath layers upon layer and i am longing for cataclysm. (saying this i accept it and yet i would also welcome any non-ruinous outcome. as long as i can feel again.)

i am as aware of consequences as i am … aware, for what that’s worth and with this in mind understand that the specifics of the outcome do not matter, as long as i’m not numb while whatever happens ravages me. also i ought to mention that this does not in any way interfere with the wild optimism of these dreams i’m hiding underneath the steaming pile of fatalistic cheer. not that it’s steaming, or even a pile, it’s just that it would be disingenous of me not to mention steam. or piles. so let the record show that they were mentioned. offhandly. in passing.

so. ah. mm.

i’m going to get my tongue pierced.

(but is this the want i was ranting about? um. no. this is a pacifier.)

i think friday. i’ll let you know.

2 thoughts on “it isn’t about pain, unless it is

  1. i can think of only one thing to say to that. Ow. sorry but, personally, i just can’t fathom someone punching a hole through my tongue, its just owie.

    ‘be careful what you wish for’ hmmm. yes. i keep forgetting that… and yet still do it. but c’est la vie.

    luck with the piercing thing. 🙂

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