the time of my life

surreality spent at
the outset &
replenished at the expense
of the evening

dark &
& the moon in
faces down
the dawn
& with no intention
of surrender, retreats
in the rising light

& by & by my
nights & days are
depleted & an almost
imperceptible metamorphosis
occurs, an accumulation
of the effects of
time & exposure
to the elements:
erosion &
other losses,
loose ends,
ex-best friends
& everything

& the weather
grows wilder
every year
as storms rage, refuge
& redemption are offered
in the form of
precautions & prohibitions
an invitation into
the illusion of
safety & warmth

i decline
& continue
to decline while
i run in
the rain
& whirl with
the wind
& dance through
the deluge

i am inspired
by lightning
& fire &
i am more than
alive & the sky
is savage with song

& unless this cataclysm claims me
& it won’t, or it would have

already, & this is me
as it seems i am
best & perhaps
meant to be,

thriving in the
aftermath amidst the
damage & tragedy,
energized & again

25 JAN 95

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