tongue tied & twisted, just an earthbound misfit, i

nothing like the feeling of being particularly in tune with the universe, some seriously vernal harmonic convergence new age foofoo whatever here, i shit you not, i am just humming with vibes & about to start up with the ohhhhmm & all, any minute now. in almost unrelated but surely somehow connected news, the universe tells me i should shave my legs. curiouser & curiouser.

& it sucks major hiney that i have to abandon all the in-tunedness & be terrestrial. i.e. work. i can stamp my petulant foot until the toes tingle & it won’t change practical factual matters. doesn’t stop me stamping, or tossing my fetching little bald-spot covering braid, no fuck no.

look! a distraction!

9 thoughts on “tongue tied & twisted, just an earthbound misfit, i

  1. i’m not sure how i feel about that blogshares. i think i don’t like the concept. that worth derives from inbound links? no. no, i don’t like it.

    sounds awfully fussy of me, doesn’t it? well, i’m an awfully fussy girl at times.

  2. no, the universe wasn’t convincing enough. probably just screwing with me anyway, that happens.

    someday though.

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