where the air ends

while california
burns, i hesitate
considering the place where
the air ends & this
deadness begins

empty words & isolation,
resonant & absolute & whatever
truth remains exists within
the illusion known as

& eventually, we all

today, i place my faith
in fire & fear the freedom
offered: martyrdom
at best & no less than
absolution by accident,
tragic but suffering
no further disgrace

meditations on image or
identity, superimposed on a
field of flame:
  reckless idealist?
  cowering idiot?
  method actress?
  willing victim?

yes! all at once honest
as i regress

consider this place
where the air
ends & one breathless
last chance

24 DEC 99

5 thoughts on “where the air ends

  1. It’s like you’re up there marching around again.

    You and I should speak voice-to-voice someday. I would quite like that.

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