a secret to tell, from my electrical well

well, we knew it wouldn’t last, right? full-on domain junkie with a debit card & a premium membership to the online thesaurus, what were the chances she’d stick with just this … this dot net here? honestly.

so there is a new domain, & the very thought of it is at this moment causing the future ex-feck’s goosebumps to tingle.

will she keep it a surprise? can she? it’s making her bounce in her chair here, this not-telling. dammit. what to do? babble.

the site will be the same, more or less, same code, same everything, though it will need a complete makeover in the very near future, of course it will. the only difference between being here today & gone tomorrow is that where we’re headed there is an URL so cool, it’s causing its new owner to shiver. either that or maybe it’s time to turn off the psychotic hotcold airblower thingy here.

there is already a copy of MT installed & running off of these databases — there is nothing to move. ready to go. ready. to. go. oh. very. very. ready.

are we there yet?
are we there yet?
are we there yet?

28 thoughts on “a secret to tell, from my electrical well

  1. there will be a page here with a link to the new place. probably by morning, is what i’m hoping.

    is it morning yet? what if it isn’t resolved by morning? what if i have to wait till like noon or something? what if the waiting causes me to go quite mad?

    oh wait.

  2. It’s a terrible disease I tell ya. I only have 9. I really don’t think that is enough. I have appointments scheduled to wait for more to see if they become available! I feel your excitement! LOL

  3. I think it is always a new thing to get a new site for new perspective.

    COoolio.. Mine will be running soon as well.

  4. notice the part where the thing that will be my new email addy is the same, initially speaking, as the email addy i use here?

    it works on so many levels.

    are we there yet?

  5. Sheesh. I finally got around to linking you at feckless.net just yesterday. Today I go to try out the new link and you’re already gone. Was it something I said?

  6. oh & i have such tales of entropy to initialize the new URL with.

    & pictures! there are pictures.

    i just. now. got. home.

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