and friends they may thinks it’s a movement

i sense a crying need in the world. yea, verily, this idea was briefly & jokingly discussed at work last week, & it was good. & lo, upon me this night, it comes to this: people need leading. especially those who eschew the traditional ‘normal’ socio-political paradigms of leadership. shit. did i just say paradigm? i did. & i hereby forgive the word paradigm for all that whoring around the corporate world a few years back & declare it now officially appealingly nouveau-retro.

i mean, why not? why not declare ourselves enlightened leaders of … people who would believe that sort of thing?

so far it’s me, Scott, & Jett.**

so what … would we be doing, you ask? well, we’re gonna form a movement. to paraphrase the inimitable arlo, if three people do it, three, can you imagine, three people, they may think it’s an organization. and can you, can you imagine fifty people, i said fifty people? and friends they may thinks it’s a movement.

not a cult. a movement.

**coincedentally these are two (maybe even the only two) people who recognized me as the alterego of whoever it was that i was, in advance of having it whispered to them in their comment boxes.

6 thoughts on “and friends they may thinks it’s a movement

  1. Cheers to the movement! It sounds like you have yourself a couple of soulmates! Lucky girl.

    And you know of course there are two kinds of soulmates, friends and lovers?

  2. that’s a fine starter set of beliefs. i believe i’ll have a beer, & see if i can remember whatever else it is i believe in.

  3. I can’t remember. Exactly what am I supposed to believe in now? The sanctity of love? The epiphany of a pretty sundress rendered transparent by the setting summer sun? The eureka value of finding exact change in my jeans when I need to take a bus?

    Or are we just making this up as we go along?

  4. Jesus Christ, let the drunktears flow.

    Happy Mugarita Night to us all.

    how do you you / walk around me / how do you / walk without seeing / you’re killing me / just let me play / I built this bridge / and burned it away / and pray for goodbye / tonight, goodnight / and pray for goodbye / coming in just under speed / winning with both broken knees / lighten up and get us both a drink / kissing up despite what you think / And pray for goodbye / tonight, goodnight…

    the damnwells, “goodnight, tonight”

  5. So shall it be. Put ‘er there. Too drunk to navigate e’en the simplest of sites tonight. and God bless Uhmyrrhikuh.

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