as bad as i could manage to be, apparently

i, um, didn’t go home last night. matter of fact i was just wandering downstairs at the car wash when youknowwho was getting out of the car to come to work. he took it fairly well, even the part about the sleeping with a guy my daughter’s age, whose name escapes me. sleeping i said, get your mind out of the gutter. hmmph.

so at four something this morning i was having a very … interesting conversation with this unnamed young man – i did ask him his name, & he did tell me, it’s just that it didn’t help. (turns out he’s generally called ‘boomhauer‘). in any case he wanted to give me a tattoo? so he drew this fascinating freeform thing suggesting lizards & vines & things. i thought lower back tats should be symmetrical? he thought that that was done too much, & i can’t say i disagree. fortunately there was no tattoo tools anywhere near, otherwise who knows? it was that sort of night. so kid was on the couch as i was headed out the door, four something this morning, & he’s saying … something. now you have to go over real close & listen perfectly intently to even have a hope of making out what he’s saying, or at least i do, i’ve been to a few loud concerts in my time you know. so i’m sitting by the couch listening & suddenly one of those waves of exhaustion comes over me & i thought, well i’ll just lay down for a few minutes. there was just enough room on the other side of the couch (big sectional thing) for me to curl up, & rest my head not entirely comfortably on the edge of a pillow. & then it was seven thirty.


it has been a long, long time since i’ve had that feeling — that *blink* *blink* wow, sure is bright in … where? wait. bright?. shit. now what? & while there were fussy noises made at first, it just wasn’t the disaster it probably ought to have been. which i have to admit has me a little miffed – is it really that easy to believe that nothing happened? am i not a MILF? (oh we could call it trust but we would be seriously missing the boat on that one). look, i didn’t have sex with a twenty year old guy, & everybody believes me. hmmph.

so, anyway, what do you think? an asymmetrical tattoo in the middle of the lower back? freeform curvy lizardy & viney? lots of earthtones?

8 thoughts on “as bad as i could manage to be, apparently

  1. i guess deciding after you have sex with a 20-something year old guy is out of the question?

    freeform is so liberating, in my opinion.

  2. it would be different. & different is important.

    another thing – i told him lizards, & i told him abstract-y — but i didn’t mention vines, i thought vines, but then i thought, no — & he drew vines. & it totally worked. this is a good sign.

  3. Have you seen any samples of his actual tatt work? If it’s good, well I like the suggested design. Particularly since symetrical is so last century.

  4. Here’s me to be the party pooper, but I always say that after you settle on a design, hang onto it for six to eight months. If you still want it somewhere on your person after that little smidgen of time (smidgen in comparison to the lifetime that the art will be affixed to you), then go to it, baby.

    Good lord, I want to run away from home. Stop telling stories like this.

  5. It’s biologically, psychologically and physically impossible to sleep next to somebody and not have sex. Or maybe I’m just a sex freak.

  6. stacey, maybe it’s just you? in order to test that hypothesis you’d have to come crash on my couch sometime.


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