not just any bugs. alien ghost bugs.

this is absofuckinglutely nowhere near what i had in mind when Jessica gave me the lovely moth picture. this was more or less … insane. you should have seen it before i toned down all the psychedelic bee ghosts. and, i mean, it’s pink.

9 thoughts on “bugs.

  1. not only that, the categories based on song lyrics all have the lyrics listed under “relevant lyrics” (that’s not all the lyrics i have, i just list the ones that have categories) — most but not all of the categories are song quotes.

    i have a very weird category setup, it’s not really all that user-friendly, the category’s a subtitle & the link is kinda nondescript. in fact the way i have gone about it, you’d think i was deliberately trying to be confusing.

    this category, the watching the detectives one, is something i pick when i’m feeling kind of … illegal. or just very mischevious. or right after i kill some… thing.

  2. A very nice redesign, Ms Feckless. I amost expected images of your ass in various angles of repose, what with the way you went on and on and on about it last week.

  3. wow! not what I was expecting when I clicked on the link this morning. had to do a double take. pretty in pink! i think it may take me a couple days to get used to it. but it shaw is purtey ma’am! :0)

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