it’s just hair. bad hair.

the most boring hair disaster in history. it’s barely even noticable. however it is to me (in the sunlight at least). which makes it bad enough to merit emergency intervention. it is if i say so, ok?

which brings me to my question: so do i do the removing the color thing so i can do the blonde thing? haven’t been blonde since the 80’s. ahh. the 80’s.

which would be more expensive & probably more stressful to my hair.

or do i just go get a really strong deep red color that would be cheaper, less stressful, & also the same thing i’ve been doing for years upon years upon years.

don’t you dare suggest i grow it out. life is for living, hair is for dyeing.

or shall i do like i used to do back in the 80’s & go to that salon next to the pub & toss back a couple of emboldening brewskis while i wait, & then go in there & say something like, ‘there’s no such thing as too short. hair grows. remember annie lennox? like that.’ because in those days changing haircolor was something i did every couple weeks, & that is only really practical with veryvery short hair. i think the pale silvery lavender accident was the best. or maybe the ‘lush cherry’ that ended up looking black indoors & the most vibrant deep purple in the sunlight. sigh. the 80’s.

so blonde (most likely some sort of light apricotty blondie thingy) or red (again)? or — ‘so short in the back you can almost grab it with your fingers, & fluffy up on top, with bangs’? and then it would be all about the manic panic, baby. or not.

dammit this midlife crisis business is complicated.

now this is the hair we’re talking about here: it’s having a frizzy day, & my camera won’t focus in that light & there’s toothpaste on the mirror, but this is the hair:

16 thoughts on “it’s just hair. bad hair.

  1. my daughter said, ‘no, because you won’t style it’ — the hell i won’t! i’m going to dye it borderline freaky colors, why would i then proceed not to style it? sheesh. these kids today.

  2. Styling hair is over rated. It becomes a job. Bleh.
    I like the length, but that’s just me. Probably because my hair is that length! Heh.

    You could always take a lock of hair from an underneath layer of your hair and play guinea pig with it. That way you can test things first. Nothing wrong with testing things. Think of it as experimenting…
    And the only downside of blonde is the overt roots. Roots are hell. Not that I’ve gone blonde, I’m thinking of my own natural roots with the white twinkly strands – ugh.

  3. the twinkly strands! that’s what’s making me crazy, it’s the twinky strands in the roots. i was figuring a lighter color = less contrast? plus i can let red go for awhile, being that it’s not far from the real thing. blonde, you have to keep up with.

  4. that’s the look you’re worried about? puh-lease…you look darling. go on now, forget the hair and go onto something else. doesn’t the homeland security thingy need another color or two? 🙂

  5. Must just be a guy thing: I don’t see a crisis there…

    Yeah, I know: just be quiet and stay in the back of the room…

  6. the crisis is that in good strong direct light there is a very pronounced difference between the roots & the rest of the hair – not just color, but the underlying tone. very very different.

    it looks tacky.

  7. um, feck- there’s a big huge bug staring at me while i type…ewe. i think i’m with ratty on this one. i’ve been going a bit shorter with each cut and damn if i don’t feel a bit…spunky?!

  8. there are always bugs, the ones we see, & the ones we don’t. it’s best just to try & get used to that. especially since i seem to be working through a whole lot of issues lately & insects are very symbolic.

    wow, two votes for a radical haircut. & no salons open. & tomorrow monday.

    ‘sokay, i’ve got hats.

  9. My ballsy self would agree with ratty and nicole. But who am I kidding? I am terrified to dye my hair, what would people think? I am too fat to cut it all off and start over if I made a mistake. I need the hair to drag down my cushy cheeks. Oh wait, then why do I wear it up all the time? Oh well shit.

    So since part of what makes you you and you not me is your risk taking fear facing self, take the risk girl!

  10. There is such a think as too short, that is if your skull is shaped as unusually as mine. Red is always a good color for hair. Unless that hair is mine.

  11. like the dragonflies. they are my favourite. what about carrot top red, or strawberry blond? those are rather drastic in nature and oh so summery. but, the hair will be stressed as you will need to lighten it. there is always the other end of te spectrum, a deep purpley bluish black. the length i like, but that’s cause i am chicken and have never dared cutting my hair above the lowest point of my shoulder blades.

  12. & there are the bald spots too — one good use for the long hair is covering the sparse patches. though i’ve been doing pretty good on the not-pulling-my-own-hair-out issue.

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