last friday in april resolution:

this morning i resolve to believe that love (you know what kind i mean, don’t get on me with friends & kids, that’s not what i’m talking about & you know it) exists &/or that i haven’t already had both my first & last. we’ll see if this goes as badly as the wanting to believe in the ghosts of tiredness. because if i have had my first & last already it may as well not exist & therefore i can on with … whatever it is one gets on with.

i might be just a tad fussy this morning.

7 thoughts on “last friday in april resolution:

  1. I would wager that you are not all that fussy and that it does exist. It is as sweet as a stolen doughnut with sprinkles and other assorted crap all over it.

  2. I think that love exsists, but the joke is that we only find it when we don’t really feel prepared for it.

    I wanna know what love is… I want you to show me….

    Some silly song from 80’s hairband

  3. oh my god. i remember the first time i heard that song. i was sitting in a red ford tempo with a crashed in passenger door that you had to climb out the window to get out of, in the basement of the Kaiser building in Oakland while the guy i was awfully married to was inside bumming money off his dad, again, & they played that song for the first time & i sat there sobbing hysterically & wondered if i’d ever know what love was. is.

    it was Foreigner. i don’t consider it a silly song, mostly because of the whole basement / tempo experience.

    & i still don’t know if i’ll ever know.

  4. on love

    The divine ms.en posts that she resolves to believe in love. I was just thinking about this yesterday in a way. I was wondering if I’m done with that. Wondering if my most recent ex was “the one” and due…

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