hobbes: you�re going to juggle eggs?
calvin: it�s a metaphor for life, hobbes. each egg represents one of life�s concerns and the goal is to give each the appropriate amount of individual attention while simultaneously watching and guiding all the others. life is about balance and staying quick and alert as everything threatens to spin out of control!
(eggs splatter about the living room as calvin attempts to juggle them)
hobbes: and sometimes we make a big mess of things.
calvin: but the important thing is persistence.

5 thoughts on “sigh.

  1. I LOVE CALVIN AND HOBBES… They are my heros…

    I want to be Calvin when I grow up (or is that grow down?)

  2. hey- i don’t remember calvin and hobbes being so damn smart. guess i need to start reading the strips again. i’m always in need of new life lessons.

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