so i did what anyone would have done, under the circumstances. i went into the bathroom, locked the door, slathered on the shaving gel, & for the first time in my life, i …

i shaved my arms.

& i’ve resolved to stop buying domains. after these four. really. for a little while anyway. unless there are extenuating circumstances or something.

33 thoughts on “smoooooooth

  1. the hard part is around the wristbones. & i only shaved the forearms, my elbows are pretty furless.

    & i think i’ve narrowed it down to two domains i absolutely need, the other two, well, hmm. not sure about that.

    the arms feel … interesting. it’s bad to get goosebumps though. plucked chicken city.

  2. sorry but I have to go spit out the beverage or it will end up on the monitor because furless elbows are cracking my ass up right now.

    go for four. the voice of reason might come to you in the morning and it could be too late.

    unless of course you have already spent your alloted domain fundage for the month? in which case you will still need four, but you now must subtract from next month’s fundage. and so on.

  3. there is no fundage in the budget for domains, however domains are not something you just … don’t buy, & then find out someone else got them.

  4. I know, I have this awful fear that when I type my inquiry into the whois search form, that they put it on their buy-it-up-quick list that is distributed nightly to squatters.

  5. so then, would that make it easier, or more difficult to lick a frozen pole (� la A Christmas Story) and have your tongue stick to it?

    and who was that masked woman? Jett, is that you?

  6. i should make the cookie thingy default to cookie instead of not cookie. or something like that.

  7. ok so this live thingy. is it an okay thing? it does show the bolding let’s try a linky oh, you have to type the whole thing & then go beyond the linky to see the linky.

    maybe a different style for the box? sure, sure. a little different.

    doesn’t anybody like my french comment tags? they crack me up.

  8. I like ’em (the French, Tish). In fact, I’m going to have some more coffee so I can laugh harder. Prying myself into consciousness on a Sunday morning is task enough, never mind laughing.

  9. i will never use a razor again. ok. so that’s an outright lie. but i refuse to use one anywhere near a bend or bone. i am too klutzy to be trusted with one, and what invariably happens, is rip, layers of skin gone. and well you get the picture. just slather wax on me, yank and i am fine. i have always feared typing in domain names if i was not prepared to by it on the spot. i keep worrying that it will automatically show up on someones list and become instantly unavailable if i do not hand over the money as soon as i type the inquiry in.

  10. That settles it then, at least three of us believe in the domain name conspiracy thing. They must be a cult, not a movement 😉

    I’m still laughing btw, ms.e

  11. well, those domains have been typed in a search thingy before, one of them i’d been thinking about for a week or more, & it was still there. i think probably the worst of the domain squatting days are behind us, now that the dot com boom is well behind us, i mean a lot of squatters put out enormous cash, & how many people actually ever bought those valuable pieces of internet real estate from them, at their highly inflated prices?

  12. Unconscious Mutterings: Week 12

    Unconscious Mutterings Slob:: Homer 60:: ways to leave your lover. oh. wait, that’s 50… Personals:: desperate Famous:: Almost Famous…

  13. The sqatter thing is very much for real; I watched it in action a year or two ago as a friend and I typed some names into a service and watched them come up “unavailable” just a few hours later.

    The punchline came last year when someone surely unrelated to the creeps tried to sell me my .com equivalent for several hundred dollars. Pity. So of course I picked it up when it fell off his list.

    “It’s not paranoia if they really are after you.”

  14. so now i have (it’s for the cult movement) & (i just fell in love with that one, no idea what will become of it but let me put it this way if i’m ever not misentropy, well …)

  15. Who the hell put this god-awful Edward Everett Horton French here? I do NOT want to be a tree, thank you very much!

    If you change domains even one more time before June you will drive me mad! 😉

  16. ok, June first, will do 🙂 & i happen to like my twisted little badly translated french jokes. i laughed myself half silly doing that.

  17. wow, all drunk with a wi-fi powerbook. i bet it’s that mac thing that has you confused. i’m always very confused about macs. you couldn’t be confused about anything here, right? it’s all so perfectly clear!

  18. If you’re still in a shaving mood, would you consider coming over and shaving my face tomorrow morning? I have a feeling it would make the whole ordeal much more fun. We could make a bet on when the towel would fall from my waist.

  19. & you know what? when you drink really cold beer, it makes the tongue ring cold all the way though. it’s totally trippy.

  20. NANCY! I so believe this, too! ‘Tis why I keep my future domains planted squarely in my hed head (sorry. drunktyper). And feck, I had this insane urge each and every time I was pregnat (more drunktypingos) pregnant to rid myselft myself of every last hair on my body. To feel more sympatico with the newness of life budding inside of me? mayhap. I love the world. Breathe, all. I’ve been given the divine message that all is as it should be.

  21. it’s not so bad, really. it’s not like i had big ole man-hairy arms. no, those are my legs that grow manly hair.

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