the last minute

i’m calm. in fact i’m much calmer than i ought to be, considering the circumtances. what do you suppose the chances are of me completing an entire bankruptcy filing in, say, 4 hours?

it can be done in pen. i have a nice pen! i like my pen, it’s pretty.

a spider almost landed on my head today. it was just a wee tiny thing, but still. i could have a spider in my hair. but i don’t! that i know of. anyway. things are going well, yes, certainly very well.

4 thoughts on “the last minute

  1. I have these bugs that arrive about this time every year. I don’t know what they really are, although someone told me once (about fifty years ago) that they are a type of mosquito. They look like a mosquito, so that makes sense. Except that they are nearly 500 times the size of a mosquito. They are DaddyLongLegs size, except they are flying around my goddamn bedroom.

    I’ve noticed that the whole situation is greatly improved by not turning any lights on at night. Not because it keeps the bugs away, but because then I can’t see them.

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