the path of excess leads to a tower?

now you wouldn’t know it to look at it, but i was up half the night screwing with code. never content with the mere addition of a plugin, no matter how beastly complicated the thing is, i must make it do something special, something it does only for me. mine. mmm. mine. & oddly enough the one i worked hardest on, is so obscure if i don’t tell anyone, no one might ever notice.

now, i would notice such a thing – i notice shit. i’m one of those people that goes poking around in your cupboards to see if you’ve customized your comment error screens. yeah, you think your mother in law doing the white glove thing on the doorsills is bad, but the MIL can’t view source on your dusting practices. mmhmm. eww. defaults. *sniff*

ok look i’m a freak.

it started out innocently enough, with the recent comments in the little expando-contracto thingy over –> there. up top. so that was cool. was it enough? it was not. i wanted … for no reason whatsoever as far as i can tell … to have navigation between the previous & next entries within the categories. easy enough. but it will only take the main category. and i have this little collection of things i’m very pleased to have written, which i add to a very inventively named ‘best of’ category. & that is a secondary category, which the script does not handle.

if it can’t be navigated by the best of, what’s the point, i thought? i believe it was two am, when i thought that.

i will not mention the hour i finally got finished with it. that’s between me & the birdies.

& so, on the top of each entry, there is the regular linear navigation, & the navigation between entries in the main category. but on the best ones, on the bottom, there are some obscure navigation elements. (i think i might be a little self-conscious about the whole best-of thing, come to think of it).

in any case, if you were to find yourself reading, say, this entry, my favorite favorite (most of the time), & you were to look down at the bottom, why, there’s a very, very tiny little set of navigation elements that only the most ardent of stalkers would ever find.

at that point i became unhappy with the way the navigation elements at the top look, when they are going in only one direction — but the coffemaker came on, that’s always my unwakeup call of last resort, & …

i need buttons.

even though i’m probably the only one that will ever use them. that’s why this is anyway, for me. mine. mm.

10 thoughts on “the path of excess leads to a tower?

  1. “…between you and the birdies”. Sure, but they’ll let us know all about it, seein’s how you woke them up and all…

    Nice coding, girl!

  2. one of these days I’ll have more phat skillz to enable me to do that kinda stuff… but not yet. right now, I barely have the patience, which is why I stick with my default-templateyness or hideous table designs… 😉

  3. DAY YUM!!! Yeah, that is right, I said it.

    You are so far ahead of me. All I can say is “what’s a link?”


  4. oh, i understand the default thing — for those who have just stuck with defaults, it’s fine, understandable.

    but if you have this bitchin’ custom design & you didn’t attend to those obscure little error templates? *sniff*

  5. You are a webpage genius. Maybe the best there is at this specific kind of webpage geektech thing. Anywhere.

    It boggles the mind that you can do this stuff while powered by beer. It also boggles the mind to think of what might happen if you were unleashed on a blank webpage with a few hits of LSD.

  6. aw, shucks – but no, i’m not anywhere near the best. good heavens, there are people who write their own blogware.

    compared to the folks who boggle my mind, i’m … adequately geeky. however with the obsessive practicing i’ve been doing lately, i might move up to fairly geeky in the near future. maybe even good & geeky? maybe.

    it takes me hours to write one little function & between the hours of like midnight & ridiculous every night this place is overrun by error messages.

    the LSD might be interesting, but i’d want to have full backups beforehand. i think the silliest things are profound when i … i mean i’ve heard that … um. anyway.

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