the word is circumlocutory

this started out with every intention of becoming yet another fetching, feckless rant of the self-deprecating variety, but what’s the use? it’s safe to say that feck is quite capable of obfuscating the issues as she spins words around her dire circumstances du jour, conveying either an impression of irrepressible whimsy or edgy fragility, whichever seems the more appealing approach at the time. & we know that she often engages in relentless self-revelation as a form of misdirection, hoping that her outrageous candor will garner at least as much attention as whatever it is she’s just revealed. & she will do all this at a breathless pace in overlong & overly complicated sentences filled with recursive references & obscure imagery, formatted for euphony first & clarity second, so that her meaning cannot be easily deciphered merely by reading; these statements are meant to be solved for x. in the preceeding example, we didn’t even get the euphony, did we? she’s in a hurry.

and this business of referring to herself in the third person? it’s another technique, as is remarking on the usage of the third person in a tone that rolls its eyes at such silliness. & she’ll finish it off with some adorable anecdote about the arguments she has with her cat when the dang thing bangs on the door at four something in the morning & stirs up her insomnia. & then she’ll go back to bed & most likely regret this (later in) the morning.

7 thoughts on “the word is circumlocutory

  1. ooh, & i forgot to mention the technique of revealing how one obfuscates things in general in order to avoid saying anything specific. or something like that.

  2. cats can be very silly creatures. mine particularly loves curling up near my nose. tail flicking at it constantly and purring up a storm. note. i have ignored most of the post, being confused and deluded by the use of language, commas, sentence structure and whatnot.

    as a complete aside. i find i love coming here to comment. it seems to be one of those places where i can leave me insecurities at the door, and just play with language and thought. letting sounds roll of my tongue/fingers, almost whimsical in nature. responding to what you have written. so in short. a very heartfelt thanks. for this place. your words. and the ability to respond. at times fearlessly or pensive and with much whimsy.

  3. I’ve been up for 7 hours and I am still more than a bit groggy. Consequently, I know I didn’t fully understand a thing you said. But that’s okay, as you said it so well.

  4. Well, at least you put yours (insomnia) to good use.
    And anyway, the things that are revealed are, to this reader, just props for all that yummy yummy third person word spinnery.

  5. Aren’t we all just third person anyway. I personally think it is a metaphor for how we are talked about. Beautiful.

    And just cause they claim we are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get us.

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