the logo needs work. what do you expect from someone who didn’t get home till two in the morning (three full hours after finally leaving work)?

there might even be pictures. there are pictures! they might not be webbable, but i do have them.

we’ll see, won’t we?

15 thoughts on “wow

  1. congrats ms.entropy. very snazzy. veh-ry nice! coffee house misanthrope. don’t ask, i am not sure where that sprung from
    what terror thingy?!?

  2. you know, the rate your own terror color thing. it came unlinked or somesuch. but it’s fixed.

  3. Yay! Finally 🙂
    I was checking all morning, I even saw the directory listing LOL
    Woohoo! Congratulations!!!

    But good golly, why do you spend so much time at work? blech. work.

  4. you know i’m absolutely thrilled for you- i’m still bouncing! but, what shall i call you now? i need something short, like feck. maybe just ms. e? what do you think?

  5. holy mackerel.

    i’m just a…cave…man, your…technology…frightens and…confuses me…but i do know one thing:

    my client is not guilty of these charges!

    sometimes i think you are either hildegard of bingen, leonardo da vinci, or both. as played by catherine deneuve. or ruth buzzy. or both.

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