again with the photonarcissism

with all of the pictures i’ve been taking of me, you’d think i like it. oh no. it’s a very difficult thing and for the most part it seems foolish and ridiculous.

seemed. it seemed ridiculous. & i would stress if the shots looked posed, as if i should look like i snuck up on myself & caught a perfectly natural candid shot. (which is much more ridiculous than the mere fact that i constantly take pictures of myself). so why would i be trying to get the same shot over & over?

i mean, where exactly (as i asked myself this afternoon), is the fun in that? goodgod if i’m going to have a strange self-indulgent hobby like this, i may as well embrace it rather than try to act nonchalant & pretend i’m not actually doing what i’m doing. look, i take about, oh, twenty, thirty pictures of myself a week these days. which is a little strange, yes? i’m no stranger to strange, strange is good for me. so i am doing this strange thing, why on earth would i trying to make like all normal about it? what would be the point?

no matter what i do this feels foolish. however i seem to need to do this, & so i should just get on with it right?

right. ok then. why am i doing this again?
0601lookaway-t.jpg 0601um-t.jpg 0601mybehind-t.jpg 0601ohme-t.jpg

9 thoughts on “again with the photonarcissism

  1. personally, i am not good at having my picture taking. the very act of someone taking out a camera and pointing it n my direction will have me cowering in a corner and pulling faces at them. anything to make that metal snappy thing go away.

    so i should just get on with it right?
    right! great pictures, you look superb in them, liz.
    oh and you’re doing this ’cause it’s fun, though you may feel it’s strange and foolish. which it isn’t. it’s healthy. unless of course you are a narcissus.which i don’t believe you are. so have fun. go wild. enjoy.

  2. I think 2 and 4 are the best. They totally capture what I think of when I think of you. Contemplative, and witty, but with a mischevious smirk…

  3. i LOVE the red hair!
    and you are HALF THE SIZE of the person i met in Santa Monica…! you look positively wonderful 🙂

  4. see, now i woke up and almost the first thing i thought was dammit those pictures. maybe i’ll be cured of this soon.

  5. you fine, young thing…keep taking the pictures. i’m certain there’s some type of good therapy crap going on when you take self-portraits. if nothing else, it’s fun to share, right?

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