bad teenage poetry, anyone?

there is nothing that cheers me up more than realizing how overdramatically depressed i’m *not*, anymore. heck, i’m practically giddy as a schoolgirl now! which doesn’t make much sense considering i wasn’t giddy at all, when i was a schoolgirl. well, unless i had some excellent bud, but that’s beside the … where was i?

overtired. but otherwise fine. by comparison.


winds of dark conclusion
blew foreboding & finality into
my shattered dream

vision shimmering hotly
as the thin veneer of sanity
goes cracking & peeling
away revealing
raw &
slick with blood
& hidden sickness

   here in
   my room
   the walls
   speak in

   their breath
   is etched
   in sharp
   bright lines

   that lead
   to my
   source or
   to the

when the earth shudders & i’ll sense
a thrilling hollowness beckoning me
from beneath the light flaky crust

finally finally
the reign
will claim me

curled up peaceful
in an infinity of no small

the only shelter

will endure

circa 1979

3 thoughts on “bad teenage poetry, anyone?

  1. Bad? I wouldn’t say the poem is bad. It is full of lovely teenaged angst and lightly peppered with interesting lines.

    As for schoolgirlish giddyness, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the phenom in the field as it were. The girls I went to school with were rather like the cheerleaders in Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” video. Dark & pensive. Mmmmm.

  2. i’ve seen it (the phenomenon) — i mean, i live in southern california, in a beach town, across the street from a mall. oh, we have our angsty youngsters too, but there’s still plenty of giddy.

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