because bandwidth doesn’t just use itself

i have videos. excellent videos. i’m not linking them right out here, but they’ll be uploaded before too long, & i’m happy to send a download link upon request.

thefire2-t.jpg thefire-t.jpg thefire3-t.jpg
i have ‘we didn’t start the fire’. i cannot watch this video without goosebumps, it amazes me to this day. and look! annotated lyrics. i of course have the lyrics (with years) here, of course i do.

greedyfly-t.jpg greedyfly2-t.jpg greedyfly3-t.jpg
i have bush’s ‘greedy fly’. i don’t have words to describe it except perhaps dark, surreal, & brilliant. oh, & not for the faint of stomach. lyrics, yes.

rightnow-t.jpg rightnow2-t.jpg rightnow3-t.jpg
& this one – is it a cliche? still moves me anyway – van halen’s ‘right now’. lyrics don’t do the brilliance of the texty visuals justice whatsoever, keep that in mind. i had the hardest time of any of these, picking three screenshots. & oh how i enjoyed the entire screenshotting process. waiting with finger poised over printscreen, capturing a moment, then choosing fifty pixels for the thumbnail – incredibly relaxing & theraputic after a day wrangling the sort of code that hurts my head. i’m not your traditional dyslexic, but i have backwardsness, or switchedness – if there are opposites, or sets of things, being able to tell them apart is next to impossible. i have to develop a mnemonic, i had to do this even for left & right (when very young i would make an eating motion with my right hand, later i would just make the same gesture in my mind, now, i more or less have it down, but it took decades.) still don’t know starsky from hutch. still. so imagine me with complicated nested if / then / else / unless / type-statements. owie. but hey, i made it work. & since i needed this to be able to make some beastly complicated clients’ sites work, well, it had to be done. & since it was so stressful, the first time had to be fun. and in the end, it was.

wow there was a beery little digression, yes? it’s been a good & bad day, very wistful in parts, that is when it wasn’t screaming frustrating.

oh, & if you happen to be searching the lyricbase, whatever you do, do *not* leave the default search text, or a blank field (which would happen if you click the box, it’s an auto-clear field), in there when you click the search button. & for the love of maude, don’t keep clicking the button after that, six or seven times. & i can’t be held responsible for what happens if you do, ok?

10 thoughts on “because bandwidth doesn’t just use itself

  1. Now that you have said not to do it, I just had to… You know the rules.. Say not to, and I do it… I think you planned it.

  2. it whined at me about re-something the document headers after already headering whatever & so forth, but that’s a perfect spot. perfect. mygod. i’ll have to work on that document header issue.

  3. i figure it was the only way to be sure someone triggered the error loop. i was seriously cracking myself up with those messages yesterday.

  4. I think you should add some more.. and maybe end with a link to somewhere silly, and ridiculous.

  5. i thought of that. i thought about it getting really pissed off & sending people to somewhere really annoying. wonder if i can find a singing barney the dinosaur or something. hmm.

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