contradictory images

i am a very contradictory individual. take this forinstance: the first image is a screenshot of my desktop. i didn’t straighten it up, i just rolled up the windows. this is a windowblinds theme called ‘toys’, it’s quite functional as far as being able to organize my shortcuts (without which i forget i have stuff). the second one is the desk the computer’s sitting on.
t.c.o., everything including computer = $19.95 there's a big dead bee in there somewhere too
i’m cleaning it right now, ok?

also, i can’t help but wonder how i can take a picture of myself in the mirror and see an entirely different image in the mirror at the time, than the one the camera captures. why?
i see someone thinner than this 0518mirror1-t.jpg 0518mirror2-t.jpg
first one, in the bathroom, & yes, i’m cleaning the bathroom mirror today too. second two were a spectacular sunset outside my office window, those were intended for the mirror project, but naah.

9 thoughts on “contradictory images

  1. however the landlord will be visiting sometime this week, & we’d kind of like to keep living here.

  2. Nice offices, tell the truth you really do work for Microsoft don’t you? I’m going to start spreading this rumor!


    There, that oughtta get the ball rolling…

  3. then why is it that i’m hornier than i’ve ever been in my whole life? if i’m so damn hot that it. well, at least i have myself. i need new underwear. if i’m gonna have my way with myself may as well get all tarted up. did i say this outloud? yeah i probably did.

  4. For a second there, I thought that was MY desk! Very nice pics though! And I’m going to download some mp3’s when I get to my office (which looks a lot more like your desk than your office) …

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