cover art!

major, major thanks are due to the radiantly lovely & very hardworking lynn who has gone through the lyriclist, adding coverart & album information … this is huge. absolutely.

may i recommend hitting that ‘have at it at random’ link over –> there? s’wonderful.

6 thoughts on “cover art!

  1. it was my pleasure! I love music.. but once I had done a couple.. I couldn’t stop there.. the others might feel neglected yanno?

  2. oh, i know, i know exactly that feeling. & now, i’m being very diligent about doing the research when i add new records, which is interesting.

    music is important. i love that lyriclist 🙂

  3. Extreeeeeme coolness. Not to mention that when I clicked on the “have at it” link, I got the lyrics that i had submitted, and therefore got to enjoy the cover art all over again.

    You and your plugins are just the rockingest.

  4. actually, it’s not so much a plugin as it is a handwritten database application of my own making. i use the MT template system for the frontend pages, but that’s it. i’m quite pleased with myself, & would be even moreso if i would finish my to-do list on it; as it is, it does work, after a fashion.

    it’s taught me quite a bit, like the search thingy? that was cool.

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