credit where it’s due

i would like to thank the inventor of the shower massage & the designers at blue asphalt jeans for getting me to work today. it was actually the jeans that got me in the shower, rather the discovery that they fit again, & the delight at the way they fit. on the day of fitting into righteous ass-pants, one *must* get out in the world. & even with that motivation, had it not been for the long, long, hot shower, there would have been no hope. none whatsoever.

you know, a good-fitting pair of pants is very stimulating.

9 thoughts on “credit where it’s due

  1. well, yeah, i mean, … that’s … you know, um. mmhmm. i love my shower massage very very much.

  2. Even better than a shower massage, the jets of bubbles that blow out of those holes in hot tubs are fun for both boys and girls. Or at least that’s what a friend has told me…

  3. what’s really fun is having a completely public orgasm in one of those hot tubs & trying to look utterly casual about it.

    so i’ve heard. is it hot in here?

  4. Again with the ass-comment tease. What do I have to do? PHP include my ass to your comments before we get a picture?

    I don’t imagine that would work as you’ve probably turned such things off, but you do get my point, of that I’m certain.

    Ass, gas or grass, liz. Nobody brags for free.

  5. i have my camera with me. i’m working up the nerve. it is not a little ass, i warn you. it might frighten you.

  6. When I was a child I had an unusual attraction to those fake farm animals on big springs at the playground.. They made me feel “special”. When I told my mother, she wouldn’t let me play on them anymore.

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